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Why Garc Seeds..?

National Seminar on Seed & Crop Technologies
for doubling agricultural production.

8th – 9th August, 2008
Symposium Hall, NASC Complex DPS Marg,
Opp. Todapur village New Delhi.

Seed Processing Facilities

GARC SEEDS has established very good facility for seed conditioning, processing, packing and Seed Storage at Kompally, Hyderabad.

Further, the seed quality assurance is monitored with inspection at field level, physical inspection of the seed, moisture percentage, germination and vigour tests at laboratories, physical purity and Seed Health at laboratories, and Genetic purity at field level.

Finally seed is treated with suitable chemical, eg. Treatment of insecticides and fungicides with film and polymer coatings. Lastly seed is packed in most attractive suitable packing material.

Market Research & Brand Management
GARC has developed and established market network with a number of distributors and dealers. The highly motivated and dedicated marketing professionals carry several Crop Management extension activities and provide after sales services. The periodical survey of markets give the company prior indication to the R&D to develop new and competitive products.

GARC SEEDS has developed a very strong brand in market duty to creative ideas through distribution of product CDís , Technical Literature and large scale advertisement in local and national media. Product promotions are done through stalls and farm demonstrations. Products are further developed from testing and placing new R&D Products into market. After understanding the feedback from the market. The products are planned for farm demonstrations.

News and Events
4th August, 2008
  National Seminar on Seed & Crop Technologies for doubling agricultural production.
8th – 9th August, 2008
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Applied Research

GARC has been a pioneer in the research
of hybrid seeds since 30 years and this
Quality Production

GSPL has a very large & quality
oriented production base especially in
the production of Jowar
Innovative Marketing

GSPL has started its marketing activities
in the year 2001 under the brand