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Why Garc Seeds..?

National Seminar on Seed & Crop Technologies
for doubling agricultural production.

8th – 9th August, 2008
Symposium Hall, NASC Complex DPS Marg,
Opp. Todapur village New Delhi.

Research & Development Division

GSPL has well developed R&D fields at Hyderabad, Nandyal, Wardha and Agra. Hyderabad being city of numerous private and public scientific institutions provide vital support to our R&D through mutual partnership as well as outsourcing of testing and evaluation services.

The strong R&D team is headed by Dr. SGK with vast experience of 33 years in Seed industry; he has developed numerous varieties and hybrids in Cotton as well as in vegetable crops.

GARC SEEDS is marketing over 90 products for cultivation in 11 eleven Indian states in a short period of 9 years. GSPL has made a significant impact on Indian farmers through its superior products.

The Research Product profile of the Company is as follows.
GSPL seed products are tailored to enhance crop yields, quality nutrition, reduce the need for chemical sprayings and to resist biotic and abotic stresses.

Cotton Research programme.
Cotton is the most important fiber crop of global significance and enjoys a phenomenal position amongst all cash crops in India. GSPL has vast germplasm of Cotton and has developed expertise in cotton breeding, Seed production and processing,

Company offers a wide range of high yield, high quality cotton hybrids.


Sunflower is the one of the most important crops in India. The development of sunflower hybrid at GARC is based on earliness, high volume weight, resistant to TSV and tolerant to DMU, high oil content, tolerant to drought condition with high and stable yield.


Indian mustard is one of the most important oil seed crop grown during Rabi season. The mustard breeding programme is based on earliness, high yield and high oil content, high and wider adaptability, resistant to major pest and diseases.

Skanda ?9
Skanda ?6
Skanda ?2

Corn Research Programme
Corn is among the Top 3 cereals in the world and is highly industrialized crop used in manufacture of over 50 products.

GSPL has released commercially successful Corn Hybrid for different maturity periods, the corn breeding is based on erect plant type, high shelling percentage, superior grain quality and colour, tolerance to major biotic and abotic factors.


Rice Research programme.
Rice is most important among the top 2 cereals in the world and is a food security staple crop in India. The Company has successfully launched rice hybrids and cultivars for different agro climatic conditions and maturity periods.

  • Developments of hybrids having long, slender, non sticky, aromatic / non aromatic, grains with early to mid early duration for north India.
  • Fine grain quality, non aromatic, medium long duration hybrids for South India.
  • Varieties with high yield potential under low inputs. Medium to short slender non aromatic fine grain types.
  • Resistant to pest and diseases and aboitc stresses.

Rice Hybrids Siddhi ?11
Siddhi ?16
Siddhi ?5555
Siddhi ?33
Siddhi ?66

Rice Varieties

Perl Millet Research Programme
Pearl millet important cereal for dry land in India. GARC pearl millet hybrids are based on earliness, compact long heads, DMU resistance, high number of tillers, high head volume and good grain quality.

GBH- 225

Grain Sorghum Research Programme
Grain Sorghum is the fifth largest cerels in the world grown in semi arid zones of Asia and Africa. The crop is grown for its grain and as a valuable source of food while its fodder is food for cattle.

GSPL has bred hybrids based on earliness, bold grain with good quality, tolerant to shoot fly and grain moulds, resistant to aphids and tolerant to leaf diseases, low HCN content and high tilering in SSG lines.

Grain Sorghum GSH-18

SSG Kamadhenu
Kamadhenu ?99

Pulses Research programme.
India is the largest producer and consumer of pulses in the world. Pulses are grown in various agro ecological conditions and cropping systems with diverse agricultural practices. Redgram, Greengram and Blackgram are the important legume crops grown in India. GARC SEEDS has Red gram development programme based on earliness, tolerance to stresses and diseases high yield, greater nutritional quality and improvement of harvest index in following varieties.

Redgram : Hanuma Series
Greengram : Mahi Series
Blackgram : Shambhu Series
Chickpea : Shree Series

Vegetable Research Programme
Vegetables are the cheapest and most easily available source for fighting the menace of malnutrition and poverty. Seeds from the fundamental and crucial input for sustained growth in vegetable production and often stimulation the use of new methods, machinery and yield enhancing agro inputs.

India is the second largest producer of vegetables with total estimated production of 105 million tones from 6.8 million hectares and has a growth rate of 3.8%. The present annual requirement of vegetables is estimated to be 125 MT and is expected to be over 150 MT by 2010. This leap can be best achieved through proper use of improved varieties and hybrids in combination with superior management skills

GARC SEEDS quality varieties and Hybrids are the most strategic resource for higher and better vegetable yields.

GARC has developed large number of varieties and hybrids in vegetables for higher yields, resistant to diseases, tolerance to biotic and aboitic stresses, best nutritional quality, long shelf life and quality attributes.

News and Events
4th August, 2008
  National Seminar on Seed & Crop Technologies for doubling agricultural production.
8th – 9th August, 2008
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GARC has been a pioneer in the research
of hybrid seeds since 30 years and this
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GSPL has a very large & quality
oriented production base especially in
the production of Jowar
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GSPL has started its marketing activities
in the year 2001 under the brand